We offer four subscription plans, each with a unique set of features and limitations. 

for small areas

2-5 day* update interval

Maps in PDF format

Delivery to Dropbox

E-mail support





Max # of fields: 5

Max area: 20 ha

Archiving period: 1 month

Valid for 4 months only

for individual farmers

Everyting in LITE, plus:

Maps in GeoTIFF format

Maps in Geospatial PDF format

Priority e-mail support





Max # of fields: 30

Max area: 200 ha

Archiving period: 3 months

Period depends on payment option

for consultants

Everything in PRO, plus:

Delivery to Google Drive

Telephone support





Max # of fields: 100

Max area: 2000 ha

Archiving period: 6 months

Period depends on payment option

for agribusinesses

Everything in EXPERT, plus:

Maps in JPG format

Upload to FTP site

Custom map branding





Max # of fields: No limit

Max area: No limit

Archiving period: 12 months

Period depends on payment option

* Reports and maps are updated for each satellite image that is successfully retrieved. Retrievals are affected by weather conditions (cloudy images are not retrieved) and satellite operations (system failures do occur and maintenance can delay retrievals). The frequency of retrievals is normally 5 days, but can be as frequent as 2 days in some areas.

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