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Pricing and services

Satellite-based maps

Other services


$0 | €0 | R0


(ziltch, nada, boggerall)

Growth vigour and moisture maps generated from satellite images:

  • For anywhere in the world at farm and field level 

  • Updated every 2-5 days (location and weather-depended)

  • Access to the CropsMonitor web app

  • Multiple formats (i.e. not limited to any proprietary app):

    • PDF and GeoPDF format (for use in the Avenza App)

    • GeoTIFF format (for use in Google Earth or GIS software) 



  • Max 10 production units (fields, orchards, vineyards)

  • Max 100 ha coverage


$250 | €200 | R3000


per month

Everything in the STARTER package, plus:

  • Priority Support

  • Advanced maps (e.g. production zones, change analyses, classifications)

  • Custom map branding (e.g. showing your logo on maps)

  • Customized map delivery (e.g. FTP, Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive)

  • Package customization  (i.e. choose which maps to generate) 


  • Max 100 production units (fields, orchards, vineyards)

  • Max 1000 ha coverage


$? | €? | R?


please ask for a quote

Everything in the PRO package, plus:

  • Access to maps generated from high (30-50cm) imagery

  • Customized products

  • JPEG format (for generating own reports or for use on websites)

  • Integration services (e.g. automatic uploads to your website/app)



  • Absolutely none

  • The sky is the limit!

Geographical Information Systems

We specialize in geospatial data management and can help you:

  • Digitize your fields and setting up a GIS database 

  • Choose the appropriate GIS software (including free solutions)

  • Train you to use a GIS to maintain your spatial data



Ultra high resolution imagery

Our unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) service include:

  • Up to 3cm resolution imgaery

  • Fast image processing and short delivery times

  • Map production and reporting

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