Online maps (apps) for agriculture

Farming decisions can have a massive impact on productivity and profitability. It is critical to make those decisions based on accurate and pertinent information. Cropsmonitor's main focus is to provide such information at regional and local (field/orchard/vineyard) levels. Click on the image below to open an online, interactive, mobile-friendly app for exploring agricultural information of South Africa. Currently, the app includes the following geographical information system (GIS) layers:

  • Basemaps (backgrounds for orientation)

    • High-resolution satellite image

    • Topography

  • Property boundaries​ (farm boundaries)

  • Climate (long term)

    • Annual rainfall​

    • Cold units (chill units)

    • Heat units

    • Maximum temperatures during February

    • Minimum temperatures during July

  • Satellite images (10m resolution, 5-day interval) *

    • Growth vigour (normalized difference vegetation index​, NDVI)

    • Moisture (normalized difference moisture index, NDMI)

    • Enhanced vegetation index (EVI)

    • Nitrogen index (transformed chlorophyll absorption reflectance index, TCARI)

The idea is to continuously add more layers to the app and expand to other countries in the near future. Please contact us with suggestions on what other information we should add and which countries to prioritize for future expansion. 

* Only available in the PRO or ADVANCED plans


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