* depending on the area of interest and weather conditions

CropsMonitor uses cloud computing technology and satellite-based remote sensing to generate user-friendly crop condition reports at up to two-day* interval. Try it out for FREE!

Synoptic reporting of crop conditions at farm, field and management zone level

Image acquisition

Satellite images are automatically retrieved from various sources. The images have a resolution of 10m. New images of a particular area are acquired every five days.

Image processing

The satellite images are processed in the cloud to minimize delivery time. A range of crop condition indicators are generated and stored as maps, tables and reports. 

Report delivery

The maps and reports are delivered in formats compatible with a range of devices, including desktop computers and mobile devices. The maps and reports are delivered to a shared Dropbox folder.

1. Subscribe (it's free!)

2. Send us your fields' details

3. View outputs on linked devices

Easy setup and immediate access!

Getting access to the crop condition maps and reports is very straightforward.  Simply subscribe and we will send you instructions on how to send us the boundaries and names of your production units (e.g. fields, orchards or blocks). The maps and reports are accessible through various platforms, and users always have access to the latest outputs on their devices.


Proven technology

Low cost

What makes us different? 

Keep things simple  Unlike many of our competitors, we decided against investing heavily in developing flashy and fancy user interfaces through which users can view and interact with the data. Our approach is to rather provide the maps and reports in printable format (PDF).    

Stick to things that actually work  Instead of overloading clients with large amounts of data, we believe in only providing information that is really useful. We have direct access to the latest scientific developments and continuously work with the agricultural industry to evaluate new technologies, but we have made a decision to only incorporate new techniques when we have found them to work in an operational (real world) context.

Make use of free data and technologies   There are so much free data and technology out there and it thus makes little sense for us to reinvent the wheel. All of the imagery we use is freely available and we focus on using mainstream technologies such as Dropbox and Google Drive to collect and deliver information. 

Minimize costs  By keeping things simple, sticking to things that actually work, and making use of free data and technologies, we are able to provide our products and services at minimal costs. 

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