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Regional Crop and Rangeland Status Maps @ Monthly Interval

Below is a list of crop and rangeland status maps, grouped by country and by region. Each map covers an area of approximately 30x25 km and is designed to be printed in on an A2 sheet of paper (or it can just be viewed digitally). Currently, only growth vigour (GV) maps are listed, but keep visiting the page as other types of maps will be added soon!

Abbreviations used in file names: 

GV = Growth Vigour; SM = Surface Moisture; MC = Monthly Change; MM = Montlhy Maximum; YC = Yearly Change

Is your region of interest not on the list? No problem, let us know for which other regions we should generate crop status maps by leaving a suggestion below. Better yet, send us the coordinate (latitude and longitude) of the area of interest!

Thanks! Suggestion received!

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