May 18, 2019

CropsMonitor has new CEO! We are pleased to announce that Dr Gulu Bekker (see his details here) has agreed to take on this critical role. Gulu's hands-on approach has already made a significant impact. One of his main goals is to work more closely with our clients and...

January 13, 2019

Animation showing changes in growth vigour of citrus trees at orchard (grove) level, as observed using Sentinel-2 satellite imagery and the CropsMonitor engine.

October 14, 2018

You will be happy to hear that we now offer free regional crop status maps at monthly interval. Below is an example of such a map for the Bloemhof region (South Africa) for September 2018.

Each map covers an area of approximately 30x25 km and is designed to be printed i...

July 31, 2018

Cropsmonitor are proud to introduce a new feature to our suite of satellite-based maps for monitoring crop condition and health. The new map, simply called "classified growth vigour", accentuates variations in growth vigour within each field. This is particularly usefu...

May 20, 2018

This series of satellite-based growth vigour maps of the Douglas region (South Africa) compares the agricultural production of the current (summer 2018) season to those of 2016 and 2015. On a month-by-month basis it would seem that the actively growing crops of this se...

May 1, 2018

Potato production in developing countries are rapidly increasing, with China being the largest producer by far. With ever-increasing demand for potatoes to feed the masses, new tools are needed to support farming decisions and to optimize yields. One such tool is simpl...

April 26, 2018

This video of satellite images shows how dynamic a typical farm is. See how the condition of a range of different crop types on this farm changed over the last few months. The upper map represents crop growth vigour, while the lower map shows moisture. One can clearly...

April 21, 2018

This animation of satellite images shows daily cloud cover over the southern tip of Africa since November 2017 (when the growing season started). Looking at this animation it is hard to believe that the region (particularly the southern parts) has been experiencing a 1...

April 15, 2018

Table grape growing is an expensive business mainly due to the enormous initial establishment costs, but even the ongoing operational costs are comparatively high. It consequently makes a lot of sense to keep a close eye on how the vines are doing during the growing se...

April 12, 2018

Citrus farmers will find this info-graphic of a series of satellite images of citrus orchards most interesting…See how rapidly these citrus orchards changed over a relatively short period (30 January to 26 March this year). The changes are not that dramatic in the grow...

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